Ordering Custom Designs from the Print Shop

1. Where to Request Printed Materials from the Print Shop

Printed materials designed by the Creative Services Team are custom. When ordering these custom designs to be printed through the Seminole State Print Shop you will need to enter a request through the SSAP online system via the Dashboard located here: seminolestate.edu/ssap/printShop

SSAP portal


2. How to Start a New Request

After clicking on Dashboard in SSAP, you will create a new request by choosing Other from the drop-down menu and clicking on the green button Create a New Request.

The online form will ask for specific details about your project outlined below. You can contact the Print Shop supervisor at 407.708.2188 if you have questions regarding the printing options available in SSAP.

Create New Request


3. Helpful tips for setting up your Print Shop request in SSAP

  • In the Request Tab

Initial Comments: Use this space to notify the Print Shop of special instructions (for example, if two requests go together you can put the corresponding request number here).

Number of Pages: Each side of page printed counts as a page. If you have a document that is 5 physical pages but is printed on both sides enter 10 for the number of pages.

Print on Both Sides: Regardless of how you provide content, it can be printed on one or both sides.

Staple (1 in Corner): If you want two staples in the side, go to binding option under the Advanced Options tab.

Page Collate: Pages in the same order as the originals.

How will Print Shop receive your materials? While Campus Mail and Dropoff are options, the Creative Services Team will email you a PDF to upload in your request by choosing Attach File.


  • In the Advanced Options Tab

Binding Option: Choose how you would like the pages to be put together. The options and their descriptions are listed in the dropdown menu: 19 Hole GBC, Padding, Saddle Stitch, Tape, Two Staples

Fold Options: Choose how your final printed piece will fold.

Fold Options

Number of Cuts Required: This will be determined by the Print Shop depending on your project.

Paper: Choose the size and weight/thickness of the paper for your project. Paper weights vary with 20# being the lightest to 110# being the heaviest/thickest

Cover Type: Only needed if you are adding on a cover to your project that will be a separate type of paper used specifically for the front and/or back cover.


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