Zoom-Canvas Integration

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The Canvas - Zoom LTI tool simplifies sharing Zoom meeting information with students. The Zoom tool will allow you to create meetings specific to your class. Students will access their scheduled meetings directly in Canvas.

Video: Zoom Integration with Canvas.

Enabling Zoom in Canvas

Instructions for enabling Zoom can be found in the article titled, Enabling Zoom in Canvas

Setting up Zoom Meetings in Canvas

Recommended settings information can be found in the following article, Class meeting settings for Zoom in Canvas.


Zoom Cloud Recordings are automatically moved from Zoom to Panopto and then removed from Zoom. You will need to provide students the Panopto links to any Zoom recording links. More information on locating Zoom Recordings can be found in the following article, Finding your Zoom Recordings (host).


Multiple Course Sites

Meeting links cannot appear in multiple Canvas-Zoom tools across courses. When a meeting link appears in the Canvas-Zoom in one course, the link cannot be placed into the Canvas-Zoom tool in another course. This limitation also includes manually adding a link from the Zoom website (such as for office hours) to a Canvas-Zoom tool; it cannot be added to the Canvas-Zoom tool in multiple Canvas courses.

Merge (MRG) sites

Meeting links cannot be assigned to a specific section in an MRG course. If separate meeting links are scheduled for classes with different meeting times, students will still see and have access to all meeting links. 


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