Additional software supported by CTS, Curriculum, and HR, such as Office 365 cloud documents, PowerPoint, OASIS, and Skillsoft

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Allowing Others to Edit an Office 365 Online Document

How to allow other users to edit an Office 365 online document

Downloading an Attendance Report for a SignMeUp event

How to download an attendance report for a SignMeUp event

Embedding OASIS into Canvas

How to embed an OASIS syllabus into a Canvas class.

Exporting Adobe PDF form data to Excel (CSV)

How to export Adobe PDF form data to Excel (CSV)

Sharing a Read-Only, Non-Downloadable Office 365 File with a Specific Person

How to share a read-only, non-downloadable Office 365 file with a specific person


Skillsoft is provided by and managed by the college's Human Resources (HR) department.